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    The Great Recession of 2008 brought dreadful misfortune to the housing market. Years later, financial distress lingers, with families and homeowners associations paying the price.


    We're here to turn financial distress into good fortune!


    We help people deal with looming foreclosure in Michigan, Florida & California.


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    Drowning in your mortgage payments?

    We help homeowners end their struggle against a looming foreclosure.


    We take pride in offering variety of personalized plans that work.

    Homeowner AssociAtions love us

    Too often Homeowners Associations find themselves stuck with various units that have large arrearages.


    We have the experience, know-how and team to bring those units back to full productivity.


    We transition your dormant, vacant and unproductive units

    Our proven process takes delinquent or lien encumbered assets and returns market rate sales. We proudly present a variety of no-risk solutions for Homeowner's Associations, each with no financial obligation. Your community, board members and attorneys will love our solutions. Let Shamrock recover your monthly dues, rescue your operating budget and protect the community real estate values.

    Shamrock helps struggling debtors with custom plans that work

    Our firm has helped hundreds of homeowners transition from looming foreclosure to financial security. Our custom plans make us radically more productive than big banks and other lenders. We can eliminate your negative equity and keep you in your home. We can provide you with tax-free relocation assistance, or we can provide you with renovation assistance to transform your home and capture its true market value.

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  • a homeowners associations dream

    We restore your dormant, tired or abandoned units to maximum productivity.


    We file quiet title actions at no expense.


    We negotiate and settle superior liens.


    We can ensure that you retain full ownership.


    We clean, update and remodel at no expense.


    We pay off water liens and tax delinquencies.


    We offer a linear, simple, and comprehensive solution.


    Your board will love it.



  • Shamrock west PRojects

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Just a sneak peak at one of our latest remodels. This amazing home is currently staged, and is a definite must-see!

    This mountain view home is another of our masterful transformations. It boasts a breathtaking back drop of the Santa Monica mountains, an outdoor pool, and so much more.

    We took a neglected property and turned it into this elegant, two-unit home. A dream for those who enjoy ample yard space and a beautifully open floor plan.


    Together we represent 50+ years of experience in Real Estate.

    Matthew Duffield


    With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, Matthew Duffield is a proven prospector, marketer, client advocate and investor. While at Quicken Loans, Matthew lead the country’s largest online lender in sales, closed volume, and revenue for over 12 consecutive years.


    Matthew established Shamrock Acquisitions, LLC in 2008. Shamrock has acquired several hundred assets, and has renovated, leased and sold properties in Michigan, Florida, California, Ohio, and Indiana.


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    Jesse Medina

    Jesse is a recent Pomona College graduate with a variety of interests and skills. He graduated with a degree in Science, Technology and Society, concentrating in Economics and Entrepreneurship.


    Jesse's passions lie in investment management and helping people in need. As the newest member of the Shamrock team, he is primed to greatly impact our team's management of operations and outreach platforms.


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    Andrew J Herold

    Lead Counsel

    Andrew has many years of experience in Real Estate litigation and has represented lenders in hundreds of foreclosure proceedings.


    Andrew represents our team's legal expertise and ability to navigate the processes necessary for clearing lien encumbered assets for Homeowner's Associations.


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    Call Andy at 248-508-7120